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Getting started

Before using any of Developer Portal functionalities you need to create a new account.

Creating new account

  1. Open a new web browser tab and go to:
  2. On the Log In page, click the "Register" link.
  3. Complete the form and confirm it by clicking "Register" button.
  4. Next, you will be asked to verify your email address. You can do it by clicking the link, which was sent by e-mail.
  5. Now you should be automatically authenticated and redirected to a new client profile creation form. In case of any problems, you should go to Log In page and try to sign in by your own.
  6. Complete the new client profile form and proceed.
  7. Next, you will be asked about providing one time password (OTP), which were sent to you by SMS and e-mail.
  8. After successful OTPs verification, system should show you your Client ID and Client Secret. You should write them down in a secure place. You are going to use them to authenticate your calls to Qrios API. Our APIs documentation can be found here.

Reset password to existing account

If you forget your user password, you can reset it in a few steps.

  1. Go to the Login page and click the Forgot Password? link.
  2. Enter your username or email and confirm.
  3. Click the link in received Reset password email.
  4. Enter your new password and confirm.

If you didn't receive any email or you still can't log in, please contact support by e-mail: